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Moving Labels | Ryan Renner - Omaha, Nebraska
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Moving Labels

I ordered a few products on Amazon to get some ideas and also provide you with a little bit more specific specifications for the labels.

Here are images of one of the moving label sets I ordered. And I took some measurements (in inches) so you can get a better idea of how big they are.

Here is another set up of labels. This second set doesn’t have the “gap” between the labels. The white on the labels below is part of the label, while the white on the labels above is just the backing behind the labels. I hope this makes sense.

So, what I need is to source something similar to this. Let’s just say there will be 15 different labels (rooms). And then 3 pages of each of those rooms. So it ends up being 15*3 – 45 pages. 45 pages multiplied by 5 labels on each page – 225 labels.

I’m open to figuring out ways to make it cheaper – maybe the page is longer and it’s 8 labels per page and only 2 pages per pack. And I’m also open to altering dimensions if need be to make it cheaper. I just wanted to give you an idea of what I’m looking for.

As for packaging, I would just package them in a in a clear plastic bag – no fancy packaging needed.

Please send me any questions you have and a rough idea of what each “set” of labels would cost.